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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vichon's PBGVs

In 1995 the first PBGV arrived. Tory was apricot and white and what an attitude. Training her was a snap and she loved everyone. Through those wonderful eyes, she read me like a book. Coco was next to arrive and was black and white. To cut down on wind resistance, she ran flat out with her tail tucked under her. Coco easily got her championship at the age of 8 months with a 5 point major! Her very special gift was being a therapy dog and my shadow. She reached Alzheimer patients in a way no human could. Last to arrive was Eve a.k.a. "Little Girl." She is truly petit and has a special gift of gab. Being the last one in, she worked extra hard to gain attention and could carry on a conversation with a flip of her head and a long, rolling stream of chatter. Today, only Eve is still walking among the grass at the house; both Tory and Coco have gone to that special after life and will live forever in my heart.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is the very long name for a very cute hunting hound. Sometimes called "Happy" hounds, Peebs, and just plain adorable. Don't let the adjective, adorable, fool you. These hounds are strong hunters with a keen sense of smell. They love working in a pack and will zig zag across the lawn catching all the daily scents. My first Peeb arrived in 1995. I named her Tory and never looked backed. She was smart as a whip, precocious, stubborn and the love of my life. More to come tomorrow...